Uncovering the “Wonder Woman” Within US

This month I’m highlighting some very wise nuggets from the book, Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. I am taken by this book. It’s ridiculously good for my impatient, tore up little heart some days.

If you are like me and are prone to make up stories in your mind about what you assume people think about you, you need this book.

You also may need this book if you have at anytime in your life been hurt or rejected by a family member or close friend. Lysa has revealed in this book ways we as women can overcome the crippling and stuck feeling of rejection.

I’m going to highlight two words in the first couple chapters that made me spit my coffee out of my mouth!




Lysa, is talking about comparing our marriages with unrealistic expectations. The pictures on instagram that are perfect are not reality. We need to be careful summing up our behind the scenes to other peoples high-light reel moments on social media.

“I’d think, I am doing everything I can to protect my marriage, but then watch a movie with so much airbrushed love that I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed with my reality.”

The real love we need and may already have, but fail to see is hard and requires blood, sweat and tears. Nobody wakes up perfect. We have to give ourselves GRACE in our marriage, raising our kids and in our relationships. We need to check our expectations at the door of our hearts. It’s only going to cause us to be discontent.

I’m struggling with my patience lately. It’s a funny thing… I don’t have anyyyy! I get super frustrated if the kids aren’t moving fast enough, things aren’t done in my timing and when I say. I need help in this area. I probably need to slow my roll down and remember what’s really important. I need to live in the LOVE OF MY HEAVENLY FATHER. I’m tore up about this! LOL!

We can’t give away something we do not really have. How do we have a genuine and authentic love for people?

We must first understand God’s love for us, Lysa says, we need to LIVE LOVED and then the overflow effects all those we come in contact with.

When I haven’t spent quality time with God, I’m lacking LOVING my self fully, therefore I most often have nothing to give others.

Lysa talks about the Fullness with God, in the context of spending time with him that fills us completely up, overflowing.

“Fullness comes to us when we remember to be with Him before going out to serve Him.”-Uninvited



Let this statement rock your socks off. Let this sink into your GUT! God wants you to Thrive. He wants you to LIVE LOVED.

“God’s love isn’t based on me. It’s simply placed on me. And it’s the place from which I should live…LOVED.” -Uninvited

So our first way to UNCOVER our “WONDER WOMAN STRENGTH” is to trade our too HIGH EXPECTATIONAL EMOTIONS for realistic viewpoints and consideration and secondly, live from a FULL PLACE of LOVe from God. The more we get this, the more peace we have. I don’t know about you, but I need more peace.

Wonder Woman Blog-2



I’m Excited to do a fun series in the MONTH of MAY that I believe has the POTENTIAL to Inspire women to Live Loved. In May I want to encourage you to find time to practice LOVING YOURSELF, God know’s I need this.

You may be thinking, I’m not sure this is going to be fun! It will be fun, but I also think it will be difficult too. We need to take a hard look at our;



Lysa Terkeurst say’s in her book, Uninvited a profound statement that I can’t shake and is helping me something fierce! She discusses what it looks like to be in the company of a Woman who LIVES LOVED.

“No, the fullness of God is tucked into the sacred places within them The full taking in of God is their soul oxygen. It’s not that they don’t need people. They do. God created them for community. But the way they love is from a full place, not from an empty desperation. As we talked about in the last chapter, they are living loved.”

Purchase the book UNINVITED  by Lysa and Study along with me as we learn more tools to LIVE LOVED!

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Interview with Vogue

I was blown away when Vogue Magazine called and asked if they could interview me. (Not really, so don’t get all wacka doodle on me)

Anyhoo…. I have a World Wide and Global message for women! I know it’s going to help so many Folks!

Here is the Link to the video! https://m.facebook.com/reganfrizzellecomedy/

Remember this… Be You! Outlast your critics and Relax! God has you!!!

The TOOTorial Lady!! 

New Season and New Confidence


Have Confidence in Building A Team

Whatever you are desiring to do. God has enabled people with gifts that can compliment you. WE can’t do this journey alone. I’m learning to ask for help more often.

Also, you would be surprised at how many people would love to do life with you.


Looking for a great place to take BLUEBONNET  pictures than look no further than Dallas, 5 Mile Creek. Right off HWY 67 to the left you will be blown away by a HUGE beautiful field full of sweet smelling BLUEBONNETS.

I was actually surprised how excited the kids were to take the pics. Usually they fight me one pics. They loved it! They were like, “mom, oh my goodness their are so may of them.”

We had a blast!

I wanted to take a minute and encourage you by telling you that God has given you a unique purpose. Do not second guess your gifting. Whatever you are passionate about, pursue that and include people on the journey!

My “Why” I joined Plunder!

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I’m launching a new little side business to help make some extra money and encourage more. The ay I’m doing this is through Plunder! http://www.plunderdesign.com has so many cute, unique pieces. I love jewelry and so this makes sense for me to do. I don’t have time to push anything that I’m not passionate about or I can’t apply meaning to. I’m weird like that! Email me if you are interest in being a part of my team or would like to host a private Facebook party. You could earn a lot of free jewelry!

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I love him this Guy! I love the way he leads our family, so grace filled all the time and super patient. He has his days, he’s far from perfect. I’ll tell you one thing, he has some soft feet. LOL!!! I love everything about him!



Jada likes to be simple. I love that about her. She was little cold taking the pics, but she loved it!

What is it that you are dreaming about, that you are afraid you might fail at. I want to encourage you to DO IT AFRAID!!

You can’t go wrong when you make what you are doing about others. Step into this season with a new confidence! Shed off that old skin of insecurity and self doubt. God has you!



3 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a cruel thing. It freezes you and it disrupts your life. It makes you second guess yourself and question your abilities. It rocks your confidence and it makes you paranoid. Most of all its a PEACE STEALER!


I struggled with anxiety for years. I felt anxiety escalate in my life after a loss of a baby. Our little family really had a hard time. Your body can experience any form of trauma and the result of the trauma can produce anxiety. God really helped me when I gave him my anxiety. Here are 3 ways you can give God your anxiety. Start today.

  1. STUDY THE WORD I have been on a constant mission to break free from any mind strong holds over the years that may have even taken root when I was a child. One resource that has helped me over the years is I read the book, Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Her study on renewing the mind is amazing. I’m telling you it helped me so much. I also have the audible version on my phone and I play it in my car and around the house often.


Click Here to get your copy!

3)  PRAY

God desires to rewire your Brain. One way He does this is by time with him. Spending time talking to God when you are in the middle of battle, relieves anxiety. I will tell you, it makes it flat go away. I pray immediately when I feel overwhelmed or fearful. God desires to use your story and make it HIS story. Nothing you have done or gone through is wasted in the hands of God. I pray that today you let God have your anxiety and you take the pressure off yourself to PROVE or PERFORM! God has loves you!

Walmart Builds A Bridge

Susie BBQ

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I loved writing this song. I want to thank the The Judds for writing the Original song… Love can Build a Bridge. Powerful song! Be encouraged on this Daylight Savings Monday!

If you look close I have a pepper in my tooth! Happy Day! LOL


Susie BBQ:Walmart

Behind the Scenes with Susie BBQ

Susie BBQ

Wow! I absolutely love writing songs that speak to people’s heart! We all need encouragement and that’s exactly what my songs do. They pierce right to the heart.

This song that I will debut on Wednesday is one that is just so natural for me. I wrote it after a place that I visit probably 3 x a week.

This place has everything. I know all the employees there too, I never meet a stranger.

Also my inspiration this week comes from The Judds! What is your favorite song written by them?


Can you guess the place I’m writing my song about?

Please comment with your guess. I want to hear from you. Also, be sure to like my page at http://www.facebook.com/reganfrizzellecomedy to see the video Tomorrow.

I love y’all and I love Texas!!

Happy BBQ,


Got Oils?

I want to help you get healthy and stay healthy! If your allergies have you tore up!! Then look no further!!!


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Old Living: Marketing