New Season and New Confidence


Have Confidence in Building A Team

Whatever you are desiring to do. God has enabled people with gifts that can compliment you. WE can’t do this journey alone. I’m learning to ask for help more often.

Also, you would be surprised at how many people would love to do life with you.


Looking for a great place to take BLUEBONNET  pictures than look no further than Dallas, 5 Mile Creek. Right off HWY 67 to the left you will be blown away by a HUGE beautiful field full of sweet smelling BLUEBONNETS.

I was actually surprised how excited the kids were to take the pics. Usually they fight me one pics. They loved it! They were like, “mom, oh my goodness their are so may of them.”

We had a blast!

I wanted to take a minute and encourage you by telling you that God has given you a unique purpose. Do not second guess your gifting. Whatever you are passionate about, pursue that and include people on the journey!

My “Why” I joined Plunder!

Click Here to find my group on Facebook

I’m launching a new little side business to help make some extra money and encourage more. The ay I’m doing this is through Plunder! has so many cute, unique pieces. I love jewelry and so this makes sense for me to do. I don’t have time to push anything that I’m not passionate about or I can’t apply meaning to. I’m weird like that! Email me if you are interest in being a part of my team or would like to host a private Facebook party. You could earn a lot of free jewelry!

Bianca $8
Bianca Earring $8 Click Here to Shop and Purchase these!


I love him this Guy! I love the way he leads our family, so grace filled all the time and super patient. He has his days, he’s far from perfect. I’ll tell you one thing, he has some soft feet. LOL!!! I love everything about him!



Jada likes to be simple. I love that about her. She was little cold taking the pics, but she loved it!

What is it that you are dreaming about, that you are afraid you might fail at. I want to encourage you to DO IT AFRAID!!

You can’t go wrong when you make what you are doing about others. Step into this season with a new confidence! Shed off that old skin of insecurity and self doubt. God has you!




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