3 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a cruel thing. It freezes you and it disrupts your life. It makes you second guess yourself and question your abilities. It rocks your confidence and it makes you paranoid. Most of all its a PEACE STEALER!


I struggled with anxiety for years. I felt anxiety escalate in my life after a loss of a baby. Our little family really had a hard time. Your body can experience any form of trauma and the result of the trauma can produce anxiety. God really helped me when I gave him my anxiety. Here are 3 ways you can give God your anxiety. Start today.

  1. STUDY THE WORD I have been on a constant mission to break free from any mind strong holds over the years that may have even taken root when I was a child. One resource that has helped me over the years is I read the book, Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Her study on renewing the mind is amazing. I’m telling you it helped me so much. I also have the audible version on my phone and I play it in my car and around the house often.


Click Here to get your copy!

3)  PRAY

God desires to rewire your Brain. One way He does this is by time with him. Spending time talking to God when you are in the middle of battle, relieves anxiety. I will tell you, it makes it flat go away. I pray immediately when I feel overwhelmed or fearful. God desires to use your story and make it HIS story. Nothing you have done or gone through is wasted in the hands of God. I pray that today you let God have your anxiety and you take the pressure off yourself to PROVE or PERFORM! God has loves you!


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