3 Ways to Value your Husband

Man, My husband works hard! But, let me say this… He’s not perfect and I’m not either.

  1. Speak Encouraging Words about Your Husband

Have you ever been around someone who makes harsh remarks about their husband in front of people. I realize that there can be seasons where the pressure is on in your marriage. Maybe your husband made a mistake or makes mistakes continuously. Maybe those mistakes have or are causing hardship on your family. I can tell you this, you making distasteful comments about your husband to your friends or on Facebook will not change his behavior. Get a journal! Write your disappointments down as prayers. God is so aware of your situation. You are not being “unreal” if you don’t share your hurtful words in public, you’re being WISE!!

“Kind words are like honey–sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 16:24 (NLT)

2) Forgive 

Okay, this is hard! Believe me, It’s hard to be in relationship with anyone when you have been hurt or wounded. What you really want to do, especially if you are a woman is “hold the grudge.” Can I just tell you, that’s only hurting you. Your unforgiveness will cost you your joy, also it may cost you your friends. I’m just telling you, people do not want to spend extensive time with people who are unhappy, negative and bitter. That’s the fruit of UNFORGIVENESS!

A Pastor shared this nugget of Wisdom with me and it has changed my life in more ways than one.

The Law of the Release

What you don’t release, you retain.

What you retain, you resemble.

What you resemble, you reproduce.

Let it go and Live again!!

3) Laugh Together

Give yourself permission to laugh again! We take everything so personal and we hold offense too easy! WE need to bring the joy back into all our relationships. When you say sorry, and say it with a smile or a laugh, you unarm people. People who love conflict are usually people who love STRESS!!! They may say they don’t like DRAMA, but the moment there is a fight they are ready to rumble. Quit looking for what can go wrong in your husband. Start loving who you are and be pleased with who you are and release expectation on those closest to you. Discuss with your husband your own faults and laugh about them. Tell him the mistakes you made in your day. Quit coming off as if you are the only one who makes no mistakes. Give yourself permission to LAUGH!!! I promise by the end of the day, you guys will like each other even more, hey, you may even really love each other!!!

You can do it Girl! Your husband is worth it!! Shoot fire, you are worth it!! You Are VALUABLE!!


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