What is your Purpose?


Have you ever felt like you are spinning your wheels? It’s easy to go through your day and feel like you are not making any real difference. If we aren’t careful we fall prey to this “feeling lie.” See, you can’t see all that you are doing and how you are making a difference.

*The moment you hugged your fussy toddler instead of getting frustrated and yelling, you made a difference.*

*The moment you listened to your husband or wife instead ignoring them and being on your phone, you made a difference.*

*The moment you decided to get up an hour earlier and read your bible, you made a difference.*

Check your feelings at the door everyday. You are making a difference. You are shining light. What and who you are is significant. You are valuable. 


Begin to aim your focus toward encouragement everyday. Instead of doing things in your own strength ask God to help you. I heard a great illustration in my reading the other day about God being the Archer and we are the bow. He has a plan for us and He is aiming us toward that step. What you do at home is just as important as what you do outside of it. It’s very significant. You aren’t missing God by loving and mothering your children. I’m learning this more and more in this season. God is not waiting for me to hurry up and raise my kids for Him to use me. He is using me! That makes me excited! Nothing I do is wasted or in vain.

Just as He is aiming your life, you are the Archer of your choices and emotions. Aim them toward life and confidence. Get your validation from the word of God instead of your likes on social media. This is for meeeeeee!!! This is the area I am working at most and asking God to help me.

It’s mid-week you got this! You are Loved!





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