Modeling for MARDEL

Can we just stop our busy lives and pour out some HIGH PRAISE to God for places like MARDEL. 

Really stop and think about where you would be spiritually without MARDEL?

I was in there the other day and I was shocked at how darn cute there t-shirts were and are.

See, I feel like Cracker-barrel and Mardel get by passed too often by us women. We forget to stop in these places for cute tops. WELLLLLL… no more!


T-shirt for $6.99

Love this shirt… I love cats and I love to pray. Now, I don’t have cats because I’m allergic. But if I did I would take photos of it all day.

Blue Polyester Pants with a black suede booty

Now listen, you will not find me in polyester in the summer in TEXAS. I would pass out. So I want to caution you with that little nugget of wisdom.

I just want to encourage you to go stop in Mardel and pick you up a this shirt.

I’m not sponsored by Mardel yet, but I’m praying in that direction.

Anyway y’all be blessed!

Regan AKA The Tutorial Lady!


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