Placing VALUE at any COST

Irena Sendler, Underground Social Worker in Warsaw Poland during WWII

Do you ever need inspiration from people who endured something difficult and lived to tell about it? I do. It helps with my perspective and shifts my focus from my 1st world problems. (Really, I got frustrated the other day, because I couldn’t find my phone charger.) Stupid, right?

If we aren’t careful we can lose focus quick to what really matters. Is what I’m doing in my home helping my children have handles to really make a difference in their world as they get older? The enemy would love to distract me and you from our God given purpose.

In my ebook I share a snippet of the story behind Irena Sendler. I love her story and her boldness. I just really picture her being a, “I will not take not for an answer,” kind of girl.She rallied for the suffering children in captivity behind the 16ft cement walls. She walked past the ghetto walls everyday and refused to ignore the cries of the children. She gathered a few brave souls and put a plan together to go behind the walls and rescue as many children as she could. Can you imagine hiding an infant in a tool box in order get past German guards. Irena had more than a good idea to rescue, she was activated in her faith and mandated to see the forgotten have hope again.

Click here to read more about Irena Sendler and her mission to place VALUE in my ebook. I pray you get inspired to know your value and get activated in your Purpose. YOU ARE VALUABLE!

Children begging on the streets of the Warsaw Ghetto, Poland.




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