Ivy Grace 13 month Pictures

I’m so blessed. God has been truly good to me. I look back over my story and often pinch myself. Things are by no means perfect. I know that I have a gift to create joy, but let’s be real not everyday I’m laughing.

Some days are hard. We get tired and I often push past my limits, so I’m always asking God for wisdom and His guidance. If I start to hustle my way through a day, I make myself stop it. I do not want to lose sight of what truly matters.

I have the privilege of staying home with Ivy during the day. She is teaching me so much. One is how to run on little sleep. This girl doesn’t like to sleep at night unless she is spooning me. Haha. I know some of you can relate.



Okay so about this dress! My Mamaw wore this dress to her 25th Wedding Anniversary. My Mamaw is an extraordinary woman. You talk about love people. She is so southern and so laid back. She loves to fish, and loves to talk on the phone. I believe these are two of the things she is missing now most of all. She is in the last stages of Dementia and my mom has the honor of taking care of her full-time. We all say she is going to live so long, because my mom takes such good care of her.






My My Mamaw and Papaw owned Don’s Scrap Metal for years and years in Kennedale, TX. My Uncle Monty now has the business and has over the years made it even more successful. My Mamaw and Papaw loved to share their homes with people. Every year they gathered tons of people at their farm house for a Halloween party and then every July 4th we gathered at their lake house to sit on the dock and “ooo and awe” at the fireworks across lake Grandbury.

You could always find my Mamaw and Papaw sitting around the dining room table playing cards and talking with friends. These are some of my most treasured memories growing up. I absolutely am so blessed to have had them both as my grandparents. They instilled a legacy in me, “to invest in others and to be about “family” and People.”

My Mamaw has a little saying she say’s “an all.” She slips in to all her sentences. Let me give you an example,

Me: What did you do today Mamaw?

Mamaw: Well, honey I went to Walmart, and then to see Aunt Maimy, an all, and then I came home and put some enchiladas on.

Folks, I have come to realize these two small little words hold so much power. They are significant to me because they created VALUE for me. My mama always made you feel like you were never an inconvenience and she was never in a hurry. “an all,”meant she had more to say to you.

I want this legacy for my life. I don’t want to be in too big of a rush and I want to make time to talk to people and hear their stories. Write back to me and tell me a fun memory you have that is shaping your LEGACY, or maybe one you want to shape your Legacy!

Honored to be in your life!



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