I had the honor of attending the IF:Gathering at our church this weekend with so many other amazing women. Let me just say it was POWERFUL. Having been in the local church for almost 20 years…15 of those years serving students, Jennie Allen’s message of “being with” so resonated with me; as did the messages of Rebekah Lyons, and Jill Briscoe.

I came home and shared the message of Jill Briscoe with my kids. We watched her on TV together and listened again to her words that were POWERFUL!!


Here is what I’m learning. Jennie said a statement that just so pierced my heart.


When I felt God leading me to use my gift more to encourage here in North Texas, I have to say I was super intimidated. I have been doing characters and trying to give LAGHS for years. It’s not perfect. I’m not fancy. I’m not trying to raise thousands of dollars. I’m just being OBEDIENT.


“Courage was on the other side of my OBEDIENCE.”Jill Briscoe

I’m just TRYING my best, “Where my two feet are planted,” to raise the message of VALUE.


If we as Women of God do not raise our voice (not yelling at our kids, but encouraging them,) step out with encouraging uplifting books,and find our “ones,” then I assure you Culture will. Culture isn’t wasting time and they are filling up the bookshelves at Barnes and Nobles and aren’t apologizing for their message. 

“Do not underestimate the power of discipleship with those around your dining room table.” Jennie Allen

If God is asking you to write. Gather women in your home and hear their stories first, spend time in the trenches with woman, or students or men. Wherever God has called you. Jennie said doing all those things, like writing a blog post or a book are not BAD THINGS. They just can’t be our end all. We can’t FORGET to disciple and really go after those who do not know Christ.

I’m challenged and encouraged…to step out and find my “one” who doesn’t know HIM. I’m going to spend the time and invest. I Pray you will join me.

You are Valuable,



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