You Are Valuable


The next generation is longing for someone to place VALUE on them; to notice and see them, to understand and disciple them.

This generation is not up for more MONOLOGUES, they want have more DIALOGUES. They need handles to navigate culture. They hard pressed on their identity and we as the church  to help develop and equip them to know understand more fully their identity in Christ, because if we don’t, believe me CULTURE will fill in the gaps for them.

I was more than HONORED to partner with Hadley Baker and Verve Students to bring a message of encourage. Hadley is a SUPER INVESTOR in students. He is constantly looking for ways to share his UNREAL story of HOPE with kids who are lost and hurting. Hadley understands rejection, HE get’s it. He was given up when he is was 10 years old and raised by his Aunt and Uncle. If it wasn’t for a the encouraging words from his school teacher on the day after his move from his home, he said he wasn’t sure he would have made it through.

“I walked into school and my throat was literally on fire, because I was trying to hold back the tears and not cry. I was a devastated 10 year old boy. My teacher put her hand on my shoulder and said to me, “Hadley you are going to make it. You are going to be okay.” I think the biggest thing was that she noticed me. She valued me, and man that has made all the difference in my life.”

Listed below are 3 POINTS I shared with the students! Hope they encourage you. If you said to the person that looked back at you in this morning mirror, “You are invaluable, you are not beautiful… here is what I would encourage you to do….



DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIE of the enemy…You my friend, are VALUABLE and BEAUTIFUL.




My friend Meghan Andersen went with me to share. Her and her husband are the Children’s Pastors at Hope Fellowship,  McKinney, Campus. If you are looking for a church in McKinney, TX check out







Hadley is a gifted comedian and storyteller. Checkout his Comedic Songwriting.

So long to PROVING and PERFORMING…Love Ya’ll,



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