Tuesday 2 MIN DEVO


Encourage and Value

We can’t out use these words. In a hot second you can look on TV or social media and see someone speaking something negative. We need to paint a clear message as Christian’s today that we are here to speak encouragement, truth, love and grace. The way we do that is growing in our knowledge of scripture, praying and I’ll tell you what REBUKING THAT DEVIL too.

Some of you are afraid to do that…but listen, DO NOT BE. Take back the environment of your home from negative talk, negative people and lead with a voice of hope. I’m excited!

Hey, P.S. If you like my earrings go to http://www.jbaeboutique.com and get you a pair. This little family is serving the church in Miami, OK. Jordan makes all her stuff homemade.Her desire is to be in full-time ministry so she wants to stop working and make her amazing cute stuff and serve in the church!! How cool is that? Let’s help her out and buy her cute stuff!



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