Comedic Storytelling can Impact the Local Church

Chris Munch is Segment Producer at Church on the Move, in Tulsa, OK. He and his beautiful wife Lisa have 4 kids. They are passionate about the Local Church.

I was super honored to chase Chris down and interview him over the phone in order to gain some wisdom and heart behind my “why” for comedy.

I was first inspired by Chris’s work/gift at the Oneeighty Conference in 2003 with Blain Bartel. Chris came on the stage walking beside a huge RV. He was dressed as Pastor Veto Yoder. The sketch was brilliant, because it depicted Veto as the “real” Church on the move.” He gave the audience a tour of the RV and laid out how he runs his services in it. The entire audience was laughing so hard. I said to myself, this guy has a gift!


Enjoy my Interview

How long have you been at Church on the Move?

Chris: I grew up here. My parents came to Tulsa to attend Rhema Bible School. We started attending  a church in Tulsa, where Willie George was a teaching Pastor. We moved away for a short time while my Mom and Dad planted a church and then we came back to Tulsa, Pastor Willie George had planted Church on the Move. We began attending and we have been ever since.

I love your work, can you share with me how you got started using your gift in the local church?

Chris: yeah… that’s a great question. I’m indebted to Pastor Willie George. They have invested so much in me. It started out a friend told me that OneEighty was going to be doing a tryout for their drama department for the student ministry. He told me I should try out, that I would be great at it. I was kind of doubtful in myself in that I was like a nobody, I was a really nerdy high school kid. Sure enough my friend was right. I made the drama team and we began just playing around with characters for our big youth nights. We started writing and then playing our videos for the students. I was really kind of shocked when they asked me to be a part. They obviously saw something I did not. It was kind of a surreal moment for me. I went from not being a nobody at all to everyone knowing me and loving the videos and cheering me on when I would be on stage.

How has your calling/job changed over the years? I know you do a lot more for the church as a whole, then just the student ministry now.

Chris: It has definitely changed and grown. There was a defining moment for me. I was really asking myself what it was going to look like to use my gift in life. I started asking myself should I use my ability to make people laugh for stand-up? I even went as far as thinking should I get an agent and go to LA and really try and get work. In that season of contemplating my calling, Whitney George at the time was lead Creative Pastor for the Church. Whit told me I had a gift and that they as a church would love for me to continue to be developed in their church as an artist. He told me that their was not enough talented artist serving and utilizing their gifts in the local church. Whit really made an impact on me and has for years, he really helped develop my gift.

“The church is dying for more gifted artist and storytellers.”                                            Whitney George, Church on the Move

This statement to me has really impacted me as a CHRIST FOLLOWER, mother, wife, comedian, storyteller. I have to say I’m excited about how God wants to use my gift to honor people and lift the load off them, all the while shining a spot light on the cross and the church. I have to say although we do need more amazing artist and storytellers like Chris Munch, I believe we need more Whitney George’s in the church today. We need people willing to develop talent. We need people willing to really sit down or walk up to people and say, “You are gifted and I want to help develop your gift for the encouragement and reach of those hurting and lost.” 

This is where I get passionate about using my gift for comedy. Really and truly I have alwayyyyssss wanted to walk the RED CARPET. I wrote my OSCAR speech in 6th grade. Ask my mom! I have found that God has been leading me down a different path for years. It’s mostly happen at the choice of my surrender.

When we let go of our dreams for the sacrifice and calling to build up others and point them back to the church, God get’s the glory. This is where I want to be, day in and day out.

A huge thank you to Chris Munch for the interview and being willing to share his wisdom.

Please watch the video below to see Chris in action. You will love this story and let me just tell you it’s POWERFUL!!

You and I are… ENOUGH!





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