Do you not love CRACKER BARREL?

Have you stopped your world and taken your little family to eat there?

I want to really encourage you to go. Get a hot cup of coffee and a plate full of their delicious biscuits and apple butter. The biscuits are so good, you will be stealing them from your toddlers hand.   —->For Real, “you’re so cute, give me that!”images-4

No really, I believe their clothing is the next fashion step. It just seems natural with how we are all going back to more of a traditional way of living. We all want the farmhouse look and vintage coffee cups, so it’s just really the next step for us to buy our clothes at Cracker Barrel.


I’m all in. That’s why I put together an outfit that is so functional, breezy, sporty and classy.

I know so many of you have asked, “where did you get your stirrup pants?” Are they not amazing. Who would have thought to put a tiny piece of black elastic at the cuff of your pants? I want to meet that person. She is a GENIUS. You talk about stretch. I can do a high kick anytime, anywhere.


My blue top is a running light-weight jacket (This goes with the sporty look)

Over it I just dressed it up with a CRACKER BARREl Shaw and lacey vest.



Their is just so much here to talk about…Anyways, I’m excited and have had wayyyy too much coffee. I have got to get some stuff done!


Happy Tuesday FOKS!! I love Y’all!!

P.S. If you subscribe to my blog…I’m going to do a drawing from my subscribe list and giveaway a $20 gift card to CRACKER BARREL!!! (Insert happy dance)



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