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I am beyond excited to have a MONTHLY Newsletter. This issue I’m going to show you three strategic workout’s!

I would suggest you not do my workout on an empty stomach. I’ll be posting a tutorial on what to buy at the grocery store. in fact I’m going to shoot a video of me shopping! I’m going to show you some items that you will need for your workout.

Again, there are just really NO SHORTCUTS to being healthy. You have to put in the hard-work.

So, gather up your friends and get ready to feel the BURRRNNN!!!

—> Rapture Ready Pose… you really need to hold for 10 minutes.

(You will need a workout watch)

I’ll show you my workout gear in my video… Coming SOON!!


Again, So honored to help! We can’t do this alone People! We are a TEAM!!

The Tutorial Lady


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