I’m a JOYLER!!!!! Tutorial on Oiling!


Well, this was a journey. Hey Team!! I have a new Tutorial coming your way. This I know is fixing to change the game.

How many of you love Essential Oils? I have always loved them. In fact, some would say I’m a Joyler…. hahahahaha. I love to teach people about how to USE these oils the correct way.

This particular oil that I will be high-lighting in the video is called, Center of the Earth. You can only get this oil in the… well, you guessed it!! CENTER OF THE EARTH.

I know you are probably wandering…”Tutorial lady, how in the world did you get that?”

I’m so glad you asked… Go watch the video and I’m going to tell you!!!

Again i’m so honored to be in your life!

Hope this oil heals all your issues, because, I know you have them!!

You are a jewel!!!

Happy Oiling!!!

The Tutorial Lady


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